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Investor’s FAQ

Please help. I’m having trouble getting into the shareholder portal.

Always clear your browser cache first and then determine your issue:

  • Did you register for Online Access and not receive your temporary password?
    • Please check your Junk/SPAM folder as your temporary password email is automatically generated for you after you complete your payment and sometimes it may end up there.
  • You have received your temporary password email and now don’t know what to do or are having trouble registering.
    • Clear your browser cache and history.
    • Please ensure you are putting in credentials on the correct web page: https://linkstar.equitystock.com/register
    • Please put in your Shareholder # and Temporary Password exactly as you received them – case-sensitive and with no spaces before or after
  • You are past the registration screen and are having trouble setting up your profile.
    • Please remember that everything is case-sensitive, so please remember what you enter.
    • If the platform is rejecting your SSN/TAX ID input, please email us with that issue in the subject line.  We received bad SSN/TAX ID data from some of the investor funding sites.
    • Please ensure that you have a valid email address and mobile phone number for two factor authentication.
  • You tried a wrong password too many times and are locked out.
  • You are in the user profile screen and are getting an invalid SSN or TAX ID.
    • Please check to make sure you are entering your SSN or TAX ID into to correct text field.
    • If the issue persists, email at online@equitystock.com and including “Invalid SSN”.

How long does it take to DRS transfer my shares to my broker?

It can take up to five (5) days to transfer your shares to your broker once the shares are received by the transfer agent.  We’ve attached a sample DRS Transfer Request Form (PDF) for you to understand the information required by your broker in processing a DRS.  Please review the form to understand the general items required by a broker to fulfil a DRS transfer request.  Note the language in the first paragraph of the form.

Sample DRS Transfer Request Form (PDF)

Disclaimer: Equity Stock Transfer is not affiliated with TD Ameritrade in any way and is merely displaying the form for informational and educational purposes.

I have my book-entry statement, how do I transfer shares to my broker?

If you have your book-entry statement(s), which reflect unrestricted shares of free-trading common stock, the you should contact your broker to initiate a DRS transfer.  Most brokers will give you a form to complete which will require the following information so that it matches the information in our system.  Some of this information is also listed right on the book-entry statement itself:

  • Holder Registration: [Your Name or Entity Name]
    • This is the owner of the shares and is the name as it appears on you book-entry statement.  If the name is not correct, your DRS transfer can be rejected.
  • Holder SSN or EIN:
    • This is not on your book-entry statement for security purposes, but is required by us and your broker for the DRS transfer.  Incorrect SSN or EIN numbers will cause your DRS to be rejected.
  • DTC Number: 7925
    • Think of this as our transfer agent identification number for DRS transfers.
  • CUSIP Number: 609786108
    • This number is an identifier, and it identifies to the broker and us that the shares they are requesting are free-trading common stock
  • Holder Account Number:  XXXX or XXXXX
    • This is a four or five-digit number for your shareholder account in our system.  Some brokers require the number to be five digits long.  In that case, please add the required leading zeros to comply with their application request.
  • What is Equity Stock Transfer’s TAX ID number: 45-3679484
    • Some brokerage firms require that you input this in their DRS request form

Note that we are conducting transfer of your shares via DRS.  There are some brokers who do not support DRS (e.g., Robinhood) and you must use a broker that does.

Do I need to transfer my shares to a broker?

No, you are not required to do so at any time.

How can I generate a book-entry statement on my own?

If you have already registered for our Online Access portal, then you may follow the instructions below on how to obtain your book-entry statement and view other correspondence in the Forms & Documents section.

Step 1: Select “Forms & Documents” from the toolbar

Select Forms & Documents

Step 2: Click “Book Entry Statement”

Click Book Entry Statement

Step 3: Click “Generate”

Click Generate

Step 4: Review your information.  Download/print for your records and to send to your broker.

Review your information

Step 5: Final Review and Submission

After you have reviewed and downloaded your statement for common shares, you should contact your broker and tell them you would like to deposit your free trading shares of common stock currently held at the transfer agent, Equity Stock Transfer, via DRS (Direct Registration System).

This will begin a correspondence between you and your broker.  Each broker has different policies, and they may request other verification information from you or ask you to fill out a form.  They may ask you to list the CUSIP number for your shares.  You can also find this on your book-entry statement and provide it to them.  (The CUSIP number is also listed at the very top of this memo.)

Only after you’ve completed the necessary steps with your broker, they will then reach out to us directly to initiate the transfer.

After the transfer is completed, the shares will appear in your brokerage account.

Do I need to pay $30 for my shareholder statement?

Your shareholder statement is always free, and you can obtain it by sending an email to online@equitystock.com from your registered email address and write your Shareholder # in the subject line. Simply ask for your shareholder statement in the body of the email and it will be sent to you within 48 hours.

The online access fee is for credentials which includes the fee for depositing shares to your broker when the company goes public. You are not required to act at this time. However, when the company does begin trading, you may want to move your shares from us, the transfer agent, to your broker of choice to facilitate trading. There is usually an exorbitant fee associated with this which is charged by transfer agents and is called a “DRS Swing” through the Direct Registration System (“DRS”). Your Preferred shares are first converted to free trading Common shares and then “swung” to your broker through DTC (“Depository Trust Company”). Transfer agents can charge upwards of $150 per DRS. We worked with Monogram to be able to get best pricing on this fee to about $30, which is inclusive of your online access, shareholder statement and deposit to broker.

What is the CUSIP number for the free-trading common stock?


Is Equity Stock Transfer a broker-dealer? Is the $30 fee a broker fee?

Equity Stock Transfer is not a licensed broker-dealer.  We are an SEC registered stock transfer agent.  The $30 fee you are paying includes the processing fee to move your shares from our accounts to your broker’s account when the company goes public.  You will then be able to buy or sell shares in the open market.

What is Equity Stock Transfer’s DTC number?

Our DRS DTC number is 7925.

Why are my shares currently restricted?

If you are a holder of Series A or Series B, then your shares are restricted until the effectiveness of the company’s 8-A filing, which the company plans to submit on May 17th. Immediately upon effectiveness of the 8-A on May 18th, your shares will be converted to unrestricted, free-trading common stock.

Series C investors should note that their shares will remain restricted pursuant to Rule 501 of Regulation Crowdfunding.  See, https://www.ecfr.gov/current/title-17/chapter-II/part-227/subpart-E/section-227.501.  This is a condition of Reg CF rather than safe harbor, like Rule 144.  So, as soon as the 12-month period from the date of issuance has expired, there is no longer limitations on resale.

Can you please explain the stock split? When is it effective?

If you are a holder of Series A, Series B or Series C Preferred stock, then you are entitled to a 1-for-2 stock split upon the conversion of your preferred shares to common shares. This means that for every one share of preferred stock you own, you will receive two shares of free-trading common stock. (Please note that Series C Preferred shares converted to common shares will remain restricted.) The stock split will occur immediately upon the effectiveness of company’s 8-A filing, which the company plans to submit on May 17th.

I made my purchase and received my credentials. How do I register and get access to the shareholder portal?

If you made your purchase, then you’ve already received instructions on how to register for the shareholder portal. Here are the instructions once again:

First, navigate over to our Investor Registration portal (https://linkstar.equitystock.com/register):

You will need to have two pieces of information handy to register for your online portal:

Shareholder #

In our initial email to you, we sent a unique Shareholder #. You will enter that number in the Shareholder # field.

Then, enter the temporary password we sent you after you made your purchase. Please enter this (case sensitive!) and then click Register.

When will I be able to deposit my shares with my broker (e.g., Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, etc.)?

Monogram Orthopaedic’s anticipated date of going public is May 18. If you have access to the shareholder portal, you will be automatically notified when the company goes public your new book-entry statement along with instructions on depositing shares to your brokerage account can be found there. If you do not have shareholder portal access, you will also receive a correspondence from the company notifying you of the same and will need shareholder portal access to obtain your report and begin the transfer process to your broker please check your email for registration credentials and a payment link.

What is the correct spelling of Monogram Orthopaedics?

Monogram Orthopaedics official name is spelled with an “a” in orthopaedics. You will find evidence of that in the company’s official filings with the SEC here. Over the years, the company has interchangeably used orthopaedics with and without the “a”, and the use of both spellings are fine. As the registered transfer agent of the company, we will always use the official name as registered with the SEC and in state filings.