Virtual Shareholder’s Annual Meeting

As an SEC-registered and licensed transfer agent, we understand the rigors of annual meeting compliance. As a result of reviewing the various virtual meeting offerings by other vendors, we decided to place the least onboarding friction for our issuer clients and maintain best in class quality and provide multiple solutions rather than a one size fits all.

We developed ViSA Meeting services and now offer a selection of professionally curated and SEC compliant virtual meeting options to fit your budgets and timelines.

Navigating the world of virtual meetings during a crisis can be incredibly difficult. Having choices and speaking with seasoned professionals should not be.

OPERATOR ASSISTED (Audio Only) Virtual Meeting:

The audio-only virtual meeting option is a budget conscious solution for issuers who prefer to have their proxy materials and video presentations hosted on our website and have shareholders participate via toll-free conference bridge. Shareholders are able to vote live online during the meeting and participate in a live audio Q&A session. Detailed services include:

  • Operator Assisted Toll-Free Teleconference
    • Dedicated toll-free VIP line for company management, counsel, IR, transfer agent, inspector of election, etc.
    • Dedicated line for record holders and beneficial shareholders (“Participants”)
  • Full Conference Monitoring
    • Dedicated Lead Operator for duration of the entire program from pre-conference call to event conclusion
    • Custom scripting, greeting, safe harbor and closing statement
  • Web-based live communication
    • Communication tool for management personnel and their approved parties to privately chat with conference operator
  • Participant Vetting
    • Vetting of teleconference Participants by a dedicated vetting operator and prior to entering virtual meeting
  • Online Voting
    • Real-time online voting on our website for record holders and beneficial holders with legal proxies
  • Q&A Session
    • Participants can ask live questions via touchtone phone
    • Questions vetted by conference operator and provided to management
  • Web hosting of SEC documents and online presentations in advance of meeting
    • Host your proxy statement, annual report, and other company filings for up to one year
    • No charge for revisions or additional uploads
  • Telephone Participant List
    • Available immediately after conclusion of call
    • Includes names of participants with join and drop off times
  • Audio Recording
    • Available immediately after the conclusion of call in .wav or .mp3
  • 30-minute pre-call preparation
    • Lead operator to assist VIPs including directors, management, investor relations and counsel prior to meeting to review procedural matters to insure a smooth meeting experience
  • 60-minute virtual meeting call
    • Meeting call times scheduled for 60-minutes
    • Modest additional fees for overage time

WEBINAR Virtual Meeting:

The webinar virtual meeting option is a more robust solution for issuers who are looking to supplement the Operator Assisted offering with a live webcast. The Operator Assisted meeting is included in this package. Premium services include:

  • Audio/Video/Slides
    • Webcast platforms have audio/video only, audio/video (with slides), live, or on-demand
  • Web-based Q&A Session
    • Participants can enter questions within the webcast environment
    • As Participants enter questions, conference moderators can view and prioritize per management instructions
  • Comprehensive Registration
    • Comprehensive attendee registration workflow and reporting
    • Participant list
    • Connection and disconnection times
  • Online Voting
    • Real-time online voting within webcast for record holders and beneficial holders with legal proxies

For more information, quotes and how we can help you navigate through the virtual meeting setup process, please contact us at