Our Meeting Timeline Calculator is provided to our clients to assist in determining the schedule of activities and dates for an upcoming Annual or Special Securityholder Meeting. It does not constitute legal advice. Please contact your Legal Counsel to ensure that the dates provided are in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

General Information

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Meeting Date 08/06/2024
Record Date1 06/07/2024
Notice Sent to Shareholders2 06/17/2024
Key Tasks Minimum Days Approximate Dates
Broker Search Date 80 05/18/2024
Record Date 60 06/07/2024
Print Ready Documents 50 06/17/2024
Final Draft of Proxy Card/Notice Approved 50 06/17/2024
Final Link or Internet Site Created and Proxy Materials Posted for Shareholder Interaction 50 06/17/2024
Filing of Definitive Proxy Statement with SEC3 50 06/17/2024
Hardcopy Material Quantities to be Confirmed by EST 50 06/17/2024
Financial Printer to Begin Printing Proxy Materials 50 06/17/2024
Mailing of Proxy Materials by Financial Printer 50 06/17/2024
Last Date to Request Material Before Annual Shareholder Meeting 18 07/19/2024
  1. DGCL § 213 requires that the record date shall not be more than 60 nor less than 10 days before the date of such meeting; NRS 78.350(2) Record date must be no more than 60 and no less than 10 days before meeting.
  2. NRS 78.370(3) Notice of the meeting no less than 10 days and no more than 60 days before meeting. A company using the Notice and Access Option must mail a notice of the Internet posting of proxy materials to its stockholders in accordance with the instructions provided by Broadridge in the following link https://materials.proxyvote.com/Approved/EPLST1/20100210/OTHER_52009/PDF/broadridge-cis2010_0009.pdf. The more expensive Full Set Delivery Option does not have this requirement.
  3. Preliminary proxy statement with SEC –if no comments by SEC, must be at least 10 days before filing the definitive.