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Complete, Consistent Stock Transfer Solutions

We offer fully integrated services to assist you with IPOs, SPACs, Canadian co-agency, full proxy management and SEC compliant virtual annual meetings, investment plan reductions, dividend distributions, transactional document distribution and administration, and more.  We’ll work with you to help achieve positive shareholder experiences while working to avoid or overcome legal obstacles. You can rest assured that no matter your need, we have a solution for you.

NO early termination fees

NO early termination fees

With us, you never have to worry about early termination fees or breaching any contracts for which you could be penalized. We are one of the few transfer agents in the United States that does not charge you a fee for terminating a contract early. We believe in the service model of trust and not holding our clients or their files hostage; we don't believe in charging our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees.

Transfer Agent Services

Through a comprehensive consultation, we'll tailor the execution of our shareholder management services to meet your needs. We'll assist in recording transactions, electronic certificate/book-entry processing, issuing certificates, and processing investor mailings. This strategic approach can reduce compliance risks while offering full shareholder engagement.

Foreign Co-Agency Services

Whether you are a Canadian issuer who requires co-agent services in the U.S. or are a domestic issuer in need of a DTC FAST agent, we can help. Currently, we work with all the major Canadian transfer agents (Olympia, Odyssey, TMX, Computershare, and others) to offer best-in-class and streamlined co-agency services. This includes full AML/KYC compliance, OFAC compliance, rush DTC Attestations (same day, in some instances), daily reconciliations with your main agent and the most competitive fees in the industry. Please contact us for more information.

Proxy Services

Our experienced team will create a business strategy to assist you with state of the art electronic proxy shareholder voting and issuer management, proxy mailings, distributions, master tabulator and inspector of election services. Our global proxy services are designed to help you achieve favorable votes and maximize the effectiveness of your annual meetings. Start planning for your meeting by using our proxy calculator.

Corporate Action Services

In order to accomplish successful corporate actions, you need to have a strong strategy and a smart approach. This requires detailed planning and making sure all loose ends are tied up. We'll work with you in facilitating exchange, paying, escrow, and warrant agency services in addition to name changes and CUSIPs.

Regulation A+ Offerings

We can assist you with and through the complete process for obtaining DTC eligibility and exchange listing, and partnering you with the best SEC registered filing agent in the industry for your Reg A+ Tier II offering.

Please inquire about our full spectrum services and special pricing, which is the most robust and competitive in the industry, for our Reg A+ clients.


The Initial Public Offering (IPO) process requires several steps. An IPO should demonstrate prompt timing, prepared financials, and a thorough understanding of SEC requirements. Let us guide you through the process to make it as coherent and smooth as possible.

Equity Plan Solutions

Privately-held companies benefit from equity-based compensation plans because they help attract and retain valuable employees. You can entrust your plan selection to us, and we'll customize a plan specifically for your business to help drive motivation and innovation.

Dividend Distribution and Reinvestment Programs

You want to provide an incentive for your shareholders while at the same time cementing their confidence. We can help you create and execute a simple process that applies shareholder dividends toward additional stock purchases to ensure their trust and loyalty. We also issue both stock and cash dividends.

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